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Revolutionize Village Charm with Lighting Control

modernized bathroom with wood and tile finishes. Sleek lighting fixtures throughout the space.

It’s Time to Bring Modern Illumination to Homes in The Hamptons

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Southampton and the surrounding villages lies a harmonious blend of historic charm and cutting-edge modernity. Renowned for its idyllic village life and opulent residences, the area is witnessing a quiet revolution in home modernization, with lighting control systems leading the charge.

Read along below to learn how partnering with a professional technology integration team like ICC Automation can shine a line on stunning new lifestyle possibilities. 

How Automated Shades Harness and Manage Light

 Manhattan skyline with golden sunlight reflecting off commercial buildings, highlighting the need for automated shades.

Enhancing Efficiency and Comfort in Manhattan Buildings

Did you know that lighting and climate control comprise more than 65% of energy usage in Manhattan buildings? It only makes sense that solutions that make your New York City commercial spaces more energy efficient should be top priorities. But while automating lighting and climate control is critical, another factor is sometimes overlooked. Harnessing and controlling natural light can be instrumental in enhancing efficiency, comfort, and functionality in your property. Let's explore the role that automated shades can play in achieving all these benefits.  

Designing Modern Luxury Cinemas in Manhattan Homes

a couple sits in plush home cinema seating eating popcorn

High-Performance Home Theaters Require a Professional’s Expertise

Manhattan is an exciting place to live, but it's been around for a while! That means renovations and remodels are a way of life.

Incorporating high-performance technologies into the existing infrastructure of an older building can be challenging, but a professional's expertise can help immensely. Renovating older buildings presents difficulties because of outdated materials, wiring issues, and networking challenges, just to name a few. Hiring a professional home theater design team is your best chance to create a modern, fully immersive home entertainment experience right in the comfort of your home or your new build.

Are you interested in building a personal cinema space that provides a jaw-dropping experience for guests? Or do you want to curate the ultimate spot to relax after a long day? If so, keep reading!

Below, we'll share how our team can help you create a functional and comfortable space with all the details in place.

A Touchscreen Remote that Manages Your Entire Home? It’s Possible.

three Control4 touchscreen remotes showing room, lighting, and music device settings

Discover Revolutionary Convenience with a Simple Button Tap

With so many devices within our homes these days, managing it all may seem overwhelming. Sure, you could pull out your smartphone or touch and swipe on an on-wall keypad or screen, but some days, the simple conveniences of the past are still our preferred methods.

That’s why the concept of a universal remote with a touchscreen has changed the game for smart home control. Incorporating a touchscreen remote for your home from a high-end brand like Control4 is much more than a TV remote control enhancement. It becomes the central command for all your home's innovative technologies. From audio and video to lighting and security, you won’t have to get up from your seat to change settings. 

Read along below to learn why our Southampton-area clients enjoy these technological marvels.

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