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Outdoor Entertainment

Swap the living room for the patio or lawn with year-round entertainment solutions built to endure all weather conditions.

Why Outdoor Entertainment

People love restaurant patios, rooftop bars, and music at the resort pool. So why not bring that same magic to your own home? 

You’ll spend more time outdoors than ever when your living spaces are warmly illuminated by landscape lighting and music flows through the air. And rather than stay cooped indoors, you’ll host movie nights and game days in fresh air with weatherproof video displays. Imagine the possibilities below! 

Elevate Outdoor Living

Make the most of your patio, porch, and lawn spaces with comfortable lighting and ready-to-play AV.

The backyard becomes an extension of your home with a complete outdoor entertainment system. With lighting in all the right places, you’ll feel more comfortable staying outside late into the night—and our lighting designs ensure you won’t disturb the neighbors. Meanwhile, enjoying music and movies outdoors is easier than ever, encouraging you to get more fresh air and experience nature’s wellness benefits.

Make Every Occasion Memorable

Outdoor spaces become your go-to spot for hosting friends, family, and special occasions.

Whether you’ve invited friends over for cocktails or are hosting a family pool party, our outdoor solutions let you customize the atmosphere and ensure everyone has a great time. 

Color-tunable smart lights let you set the perfect mood while you select playlists or albums to play over the outdoor audio system. Even regular movie nights become more special when they occur under the stars. Do you work remotely? Our networking solutions allow you to take your workspace outside with a reliable internet connection.

Boost Your Home's Value and Appeal

Enhance your curb appeal and increase future resale value with a state-of-the-art outdoor installation.

Wow, who lives there? That house that’s beautifully illuminated, with trees and stonework bathed in gentle light? Pathway lights lead your eyes into the backyard, where you can see people gathered under warm lights by a fireplace, where a movie plays in stunning clarity on a flatscreen TV. 

Your home is sure to turn heads (in a good way) with our outdoor solutions. You’ll feel a swell of pride every time you return home or step outside. And if the time ever comes to sell your house? Prospective buyers will also be wowed by the high-quality speaker system and smart outdoor lighting— all seamlessly blended into your landscaping.

Hosting Social Gatherings

Your house becomes the go-to spot for parties and  with our tailgates with our outdoor entertainment solutions. With a quick tap on your phone or keypad, you’ll set the mood with color-tunable lights and a party playlist that syncs across outdoor speakers. Party planning has never been easier!

Improved Family Time

Sit down for family dinner on the shaded patio and enjoy mellow background music. Or continue playing badminton well into the night as landscape lights automatically turn on. When your outdoor spaces are outfitted for comfort and entertainment, you’ll create meaningful memories together under the sun and stars.

Increased Property Value

Outdoor features are proven to increase property value, with outdoor TVs adding at least 3.1 percent to a home’s value. So enjoy your outdoor solutions for several years, and if you ever decide to sell, the durable equipment will maintain its quality and will increase your resale value.

Enhanced Relaxation

Need to unwind after a long day of work? While you change into a swimsuit, adjust the pool temperature remotely from your phone and adjust the outdoor lights to your favorite setting. Play music, a podcast or yoga session over the outdoor speakers, and when it’s time to head inside? Turn it all off with a single press of a button.

Encouraging Outdoor Living

If you work remotely, you don’t have to stay confined indoors all day. Make the backyard your new workspace with help from outdoor AV. Weatherproof access points extend your Wi-Fi for even coverage, and automated shades can lower to prevent glare and keep bugs out of the porch or patio.

    Components of an outdoor entertainment system

    We provide any and all outdoor entertainment solutions, from smart spa and pool controls to weatherproof TV installations. But to make the most of your outdoor installation, it’s best to integrate all components and features into one intuitive control system. 

    You can control all your outdoor technologies on one simple interface from a remote, smartphone, tablet, or wall keypad. Let us install and integrate the following solutions in your outdoor areas!


    Weatherproof Speaker Systems

    Say goodbye to lugging portable speakers and cranking the volume as high as possible. With an integrated outdoor audio system, you’ll evenly blanket the lawn with robust sound that can be played at a comfortable volume level.

    Create Zones

    Create different audio zones for the porch, pool, front lawn, etc., or play music in sync across all your backyard speakers.

    Set the Mood

    Whether you’re sitting down to a romantic al fresco dinner or hosting a game day tailgate, outdoor speakers make it easy to establish the right ambiance.

    Improve Usability

    You don’t have to pair speakers to Bluetooth or plug them in. Wired, permanently installed outdoor audio is always ready to play.

    Create Immersive Experiences

    Everyone’s enveloped in the music, whether they’re at the far end of the lawn or close to the house on the patio.


    Durable, 4K Outdoor TVs

    Should you enjoy the beautiful sunset outside—or watch another episode on TV? You don’t have to choose with a weatherproof, 4K HD TV. Outdoor TVs are built to combat glare and can withstand extreme temperatures all year.

    Bring People Together

    Gather the family with snacks, drinks, and a movie on the patio, creating lasting memories in the fresh air.

    Simplify Operation

    Our distributed AV solutions allow you to quickly access the same media on your outdoor TV that you enjoy on indoor screens. 

    Stay up to Date

    Outdoor TVs by our manufacturing partners dazzle in stunning 4K with HDR and built-in smart TV features.

    Access all Your Content

    Watch live TV, play streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, and even display video calls—all supported by outdoor networking solutions.


    Expand Your Internet Outdoors

    You can’t stream music or work outside if your Wi-Fi constantly drops off beyond the back door. Extend your home network with outdoor wireless access points, installed discreetly for even coverage.

    Stay Connected

    Remotely join meetings from the backyard. Our outdoor network solutions guarantee strong connections and reliable performance in every area.

    Increase Speed

    Our outdoor networking solutions ensure high-speed internet access even in further reaches of your backyard.

    Seamless Streaming

    Streaming movies and music outdoors only works with a strong network connection. Support outdoor entertainment with robust Wi-Fi signals.

    Stay Secured

    Wired and wireless network solutions support your cloud-based surveillance system, so you always have access to camera feeds and security devices. 


    Intelligently-Controlled Landscape Lighting 

    Our lighting installations consider the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor spaces. We’ll intentionally illuminate your home’s best features while providing intuitive controls to easily adjust the appearance and activate lights in groups.

    Set the Mood

    Adjust brightness levels and color temperatures to highlight features and boost ambiance, and set lights to festive colors for holidays and parties.

    Increase Usability

    Automate lights to follow daily routines and access landscape lighting remotely through your smart system app.

    Enhance Safety

    Avoid stumbling in the dark with well-illuminated pathways and step lights that ensure everyone can navigate safely.

    Boost security

    Deter intruders from entering your property with brightly illuminated perimeters that make surveillance footage appear brighter and clearer.


    Outdoor Motorized Screens

    Create a three-season room with motorized screens that rise and lower with a single command. These taut, wind-resistant shades transform your outdoor patio space into a secluded room, filtering sunlight while you enjoy the fresh air and bird calls.

    Keep Insects Out

    Enjoy an al fresco dinner without pesky insects by lowering your patio shades and keeping bugs out.

    Increase Privacy

    Enjoy instant privacy at one touch of a button, and choose from various shading opacities and colors to achieve the level of privacy you need.

    Temperature Control

    Too hot to lounge outside? Stay cool on your porch or patio by blocking harsh sunlight and shading your space.

    Improve Aesthetics

    Prevent outdoor furniture from fading in sunlight or collecting dirt and pollen by automating shades to lower when the space is not in use.

    How do I choose the right system for my space?

    We’re here to help walk you through your outdoor entertainment options and source only the best control software and AV hardware. We’ll evaluate your outdoor areas and draw up plans to review with you, making sure we meet your expectations and budget. 

    Whether you want to install outdoor audio and networking across an expansive estate or cover a small patio area, we’ll design the perfect outdoor entertainment system for your home.

    Let’s Design Your Outdoor Entertainment System

    Our outdoor entertainment systems are not one-size-fits-all. We’ll consider your goals and ideas to create a completely customized setup.

    How it Looks

    Do you want outdoor AV to blend into surroundings or make a statement?

    How You'll Use it

    Control your outdoor AV through smart automation, remotes, custom wall keypads, and more.

    How it Works

    We’ll install low-voltage wiring to connect all lighting, AV, and devices to power and controls.

    How it Holds Up

    Rest assured your outdoor AV is safe through rain, snow, and heat with certified weatherproof hardware.

    How it Looks

    Concerned technology will distract from your landscaping? We can maintain its natural beauty with hidden audio-video solutions. Speakers blend into landscaping and while TVs retract when not in use.  

    Prefer AV to be a main feature? Bollard speakers stand proud while delivering robust, high-fidelity audio, and your 4K TV is front and center on the patio, outdoor kitchen, or living space. Landscape lighting accentuates your exterior and natural elements, breathing new life into your outdoor areas. 

    How You'll Use it

    What do you imagine for outdoor entertainment? Will you create a space to exercise, do yoga, or host parties? Are you simply looking to enhance the ambiance, or do you want to make an outdoor home theater? 

    We’ll install all the right features where you want them and program custom scenes and zones to adapt to your changing activities and needs.

    How it Works

    Our outdoor AV systems are built on the latest technology with user-friendly interfaces. Integrated controls via apps or wall-mounted interfaces allow you to manage all aspects of your outdoor entertainment with minimal effort. 

    Network connectivity extends from indoors to out, ensuring that your entertainment is never disrupted. Integrate your favorite media sources and create zones for individualized control in the pool, patio and backyard.

    How it Holds Up

    Durability is at the core of our outdoor entertainment solutions. All our installations are designed to withstand the elements, from extreme heat and sunlight to rain and snow. 

    Outdoor AV should be built to last, which is why we offer comprehensive warranties and responsive support. Regular maintenance services are also available to keep your system in peak condition year after year.

    Explore the Outdoor Entertainment Possibilities

    Ready to elevate your outdoor living experience? Connect with us today and transform your patio, yard, or pool area with state-of-the-art audio, video, and lighting solutions tailored just for you.

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