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Outdoor Lighting

When the sun goes down, bring your outdoor spaces to life with a professionally installed landscape lighting system.

Why Do I Need Outdoor Lighting?

You’ve put a lot of work into your home—so why hide it in the shadows? A professional outdoor lighting system illuminates your home’s best features, like a city landmark aglow for all to see. Not only that, you’ll create welcoming living spaces to spend more time outdoors, and you’ll improve safety and security, too.

Our outdoor lighting solutions go far beyond a simple porch light or string lights. See how we can bring excellence to your architecture, landscaping, gardening, and the features that make your home unique with a careful lighting design.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic Appeal

Take pride in your home with a luxurious outdoor lighting system. With an intentional lighting design, we’ll accentuate your home’s best features while creating an inviting atmosphere.
Highlighting Architectural Fixtures

Spotlight your home’s facade while highlighting dormers, balconies, awnings, columns, and other architectural details.

Creating Ambiance in Outdoor Spaces

Illuminate your patio, pool, and backyard spaces to establish outdoor living spaces where you’ll create memories under the stars.

Increased Curb Appeal

Enhance your home’s value with a lighting design that elevates its appearance after dark.

Improved Functionality

Easily activate and adjust your outdoor lights through customized wall keypads, remote, smartphone app, or voice command.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Eliminate uncertainty by brightly illuminating all your outdoor areas. With more visibility, you’ll see more clearly while deterring suspicious activity and burglars.
Intruder Deterrence

With a well-lit lawn and driveway, you’ll discourage unwelcome guests, be they human or wildlife. Precision-designed fixtures and strategically placed lighting will instantly deter trespassers.

Enhanced Surveillance

Integrating outdoor lighting with your security system lets you see more clearly in surveillance footage by instantly activating lights when motion is detected.

Better Visibility

Illuminate pathways and steps to welcome a well-lit journey through your outdoor spaces, whether you’re navigating the garden or approaching an entrance.

Impression of Occupancy

Create the illusion of an active and occupied space, even when you're away from home. Smart lighting systems simulate human activity patterns, adding an extra layer of security.

Designing with Outdoor Lighting

What makes outdoor lighting truly captivating? It’s the artful combination of contrasting fixtures and layered lighting. To create a dynamic visual experience, discover the potential in our lighting solutions.
Explore the lighting possibilities for your home.
Path Lighting
Navigate your outdoor spaces with grace and safety. Our path, step, and post/bollard lighting fixtures guide your way with elegance and functionality.
Security Lights
Illuminate your surroundings with powerful security lights. Our strategically installed fixtures provide a sense of safety, discouraging intruders and ensuring a well-lit perimeter.
Wall Lights
Create a sense of atmosphere in open-air spaces with stylish wall lights. We’ll find the perfect fixtures that blend form and function on your home.
Landscape Accent Lights
Showcase the beauty of your lawn and spotlight key elements like trees, shrubs, statues, and fountains.
Deck Lights

Illuminate the charm of your deck and highlight essential features like railings, steps, seating areas, and outdoor décor.

home at dusk with lighting

Pool Lighting

Illuminate your pool with subtle, mesmerizing lights, and adjust the color and brightness through your lighting control system.

Walkway Lighting

Create a safe and welcoming atmosphere, combining style with practicality for effortless walkway navigation.

Wall Lights and Sconces

Add character to your walls. Sconces provide tactful ambient lighting while enhancing the aesthetics of your home’s exterior.

Security Lights

Reliable illumination for enhanced safety. Discourage intruders and ensure a clearly lit perimeter, offering peace of mind and security.

Pendant Lights

Who says pendants are for indoors only? Illuminate from above with outdoor pendant light fixtures built for year-long use.

Landscape Lights

Accentuate natural elements across your lawn, casting a gentle glow to highlight the beauty of your landscape.

Why should outdoor lighting be smart?

Without smart lighting control, you’re missing out on extraordinary convenience and customization possibilities. Suddenly, you’re in control of the mood and atmosphere in your outdoor areas and can program lights to respond automatically to the environment or follow your routines.

Smart lighting control syncs all outdoor fixtures into one intuitive, user-friendly system. Envision the magic of outdoor lighting control with the following benefits!

Energy Efficiency

Your outdoor lights are always on when you need them—and off when you don’t. See how smarter outdoor lighting can help you save energy without lifting a finger.
Adaptive Brightness
Enjoy the perfect brightness levels for every moment. Smart systems adapt brightness based on natural light conditions, ensuring optimal visibility and ambiance day and night.
Automated Energy Savings
Combine motion and sunlight sensors to automate when lights activate, helping you reduce energy waste.
Set and forget. Schedule your outdoor lights to align with your lifestyle. Illuminate pathway and landscape lights at night and automatically power off lights as dawn breaks.


The mood is in your control with a smart lighting system. At any moment, you can adjust the color and intensity of your outdoor LEDs through the smartphone app and save your favorite settings to relive again or schedule to be part of your routine.
Personalized Ambiance
Hosting a dinner party on the patio? Or maybe you’re enjoying a peaceful night swim? Create the perfect ambiance for any occasion with customizable LED lighting colors, adjustable from the color wheel on your system app.
Scene Setting
Create and save lighting ‘scenes’ that set a unique ambiance, from a general “Night” scene to fun holiday lighting. Custom wall keypads initiate scenes like “Dinner” or “Party” that adjust the mood instantly.
Voice Control and Geofencing
Embrace hands-free convenience. Control your outdoor lights effortlessly through voice commands and enable geofencing to adjust light settings automatically as you come and go.


More than anything, outdoor lighting control is known for its convenience. See how easy it can be to remotely control your lights, whether you’re in the backyard or miles away.
Remote & Automated Control
Manage your lights from anywhere. Did you forget to turn off the pool lights? Reach for your phone and power them off remotely, even when you’re miles away.
Integration with your system
Seamlessly integrate outdoor lighting into your existing smart home system, creating a cohesive and interconnected living environment. For example, tap “Away,” and instantly, your outdoor lights turn on, the security system activates, and home media turns off.
Control your way. Whether that’s through the smart home app, handheld remote, wall keypad, or voice control, control options are always within reach when you have an integrated home system.

Why Should I Hire A Professional?

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you may be thinking, “I can install my own outdoor lights.” While that may be technically true, do you know how to expertly design a lighting system that looks as good as these photos? Do you understand the safety precautions necessary to install low-voltage outdoor lighting? And can you integrate outdoor lights into a sophisticated control system that anticipates your needs and offers limitless customization options?

When [Company Name] installs your outdoor lighting system, we bring the knowledge and expertise. If anything should ever go wrong, or if you want to expand in the future, we’re always just a call away.
Rely on our professional knowledge for a seamless experience. Our lighting experts ensure a quality installation, leveraging years of practice and a commitment to excellence.
Our technicians understand the necessary safety protocols to wire low-voltage or line-voltage lights to your electrical system. By partnering with experts, you’ll reduce the risk of malfunction.
Our outdoor lighting solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. You aren’t limited to whatever comes in a box. We provide tailored solutions and high-quality fixtures that are the best in the market.
Get the best results at the best value. From planning to execution, our streamlined process ensures a swift, cost-effective installation without compromising quality.
Compliance and Permitting
Compliance and Permitting
[Company Name] handles all necessary compliance and permitting requirements, ensuring your smart outdoor lighting project is executed in accordance with local guidelines.

Your Home’s Never Looked This Good

Fall in love with your home all over again when it’s beautifully illuminated by an outdoor lighting installation. If you’re curious to learn more, contact our team to discuss your project today.
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